Floatation Therapy

Floating provides people with a solution to many mental and physical ailments. This restricted sensory input gives your brain a chance to slip into a deep meditative state.  In this meditative state endorphins and serotonin are boosted while cortisol levels are drastically lowered.  This will leave you feeling relaxed, happy and refreshed!

  • The water will support your body.  The 900 lbs. of Epsom salt dissolved in the water makes it so dense that you float effortlessly.
  • The water is heated to around 93 degrees which matches the surface temperature of your skin. After you are settled, you feel like you are floating in nothing, or floating in space.
  • The pod is lightproof and soundproof so light and noise will not reach you.
  • You are also welcome to leave the light on and play music while you float. You are in control of your experience.


Why Float?

Floatation therapy provides a multitude of physical and mental benefits.  

  • The deep meditative, or theta wave state can do wonders for your mind. The effects of stress, depression and anxiety are greatly reduced.  Right brain activity is boosted which can increase creativity and imagination.
  • The anti-gravity environment in the float pod reduces stress and inflammation on muscles and joints. This lowers pain and greatly helps with injury or post-workout recovery.
  • The magnesium in the Epsom salt does many amazing things for our body.  Magnesium helps muscles function properly while reducing blood pressure and regulating the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Floating can also be an amazing experience for pregnant women.  The Epsom salt solution allows pregnant women to float on their back and finally feel relief from the extra weight of the pregnancy. Mothers-to-be also report having deep connections with the baby while in the pod and sometimes hear the baby’s heartbeat.


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Floatation Therapy

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