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Floating - Floatation Therapy - Sensory Deprivation - Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.)

"Floating" is achieved by laying in water with more salt concentration than the Dead Sea. Bodies rise effortlessly to the top. Without the strain of gravity or pressure on any joints, muscles, or tendons, the myoskeletal system has a chance to relax and heal. The physical benefits of floating may include reduced joint, muscle, and nerve pain; more restful sleep; and more energy.

"Sensory deprivation" or "Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.)" can be achieved by floating and closing the door. This provides a lightproof, soundproof environment. In a near zero gravity environment, total darkness, and complete silence, the brain to processes information and thoughts in a new way. There is evidence that suggests that floatation therapy can help sufferers of anxiety and depression, and also boosts creativity.


There are options for light and music inside the tank, and the door can be left open to address concerns about the space. Each guest is in complete control of their own experience, and any float, will result in "next level" relaxation. 

The water in a floatation therapy tank is set to 93 degrees. This helps provide the most relaxing floating environment possible


The water and air inside the tank is heated to around 93 degrees- the temperature of skin. This decreases the sensation of the water touching the skin, and where the water and air meet. This is a key ingredient in achieving a sensory deprivation or restricted sensory experience. 

The Epsom salt is the magic in the float tank. High amounts of salt make the water so dense, you float effortlessly. Truly a relaxing experience in Edmond, OK.

Salt + Water = Floating

With 900 lbs. of Epsom salt dissolved in 10 inches of water, the density becomes so high that you float effortlessly. As soon as a floater begins to lay back, their  body will rise to the top of the water. After settling in, it feels like floating in space. 

In the float tank, there is no light and sound. This low sensory environment makes for amazing stress relief and anxiety relief.

Light & Sound Proof

With the door closed, the pod is lightproof and soundproof. This provides a restricted stimulus environment. This allows for different areas of the brain to become more active and dominant because it isn't processing a constant stream of external stimulus. Of course, there are many options for the level of "sensory deprivation" for each guest. 

Why Float?


Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The reduced sensory environment in the float tank deactivates parts of the brain that are responsible for stress and anxiety.  This leaves you feeling calm, serene and relaxed. 


Pain Management

The weightlessness in the tank reduces stress and inflammation on muscles and joints. This lowers pain and greatly helps with injury or post-workout recovery. The magnesium in the Epsom salt also helps muscles function properly while reducing blood pressure and regulating the stress hormone cortisol. 


Boost Creativity

The deep meditative, or theta wave, state can do wonders for your mind. The effects of stress, depression and anxiety are greatly reduced. Right brain activity is boosted which can increase creativity and imagination.


Improve Sleep

The benefits of floating do not end when you exit the tank.  With less pain and stress, you will naturally achieve deeper sleep.  This will leave you feeling relaxed for several days after your float.




Float Session


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3-Float Package


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