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Floating - Floatation Therapy - Sensory Deprivation - Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.)

Referred to by many names, floating provides you with a solution to many physical and mental ailments. When you're in our float tanks, you'll be able to enjoy freedom from gravity, light, and even sound. When these external stimuli are removed, your mind and body finally have a chance to fully let go and relax. 


The water is heated to around 93 degrees. This matches the surface temperature of your skin, removing any sensations you may feel from the salt/water combo. This is the secret ingredient in giving you the complete floating sensation.

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Salt + Water = Floating

With 900 lbs. of Epsom salt dissolved in the water, it becomes so dense that when you lay down, you float effortlessly. After you're settled, you'll feel like you are floating in nothing, or floating in space.


Light & Sound Proof

The pod is lightproof and soundproof so light and noise won't reach you. Don't want to start out so quick? You are more than welcome to leave the light on and play music while you float. You are the one in control of your experience.




Float Session


Book one or multiple hour sessions


1-Float Membership


 One hour of floating each month

  Floats never expire

  10% off all in-store purchases

  Only $30 for each additional hour

  Cancel anytime – no questions asked

Shareable with one person


3-Float Package


  Three hours of floating

  Mix/combine floats however you like

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